There are hundreds of meditation technique. But people wonders which meditation technique is best. In this article , I have explained the best meditation technique to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation is seventh limb of ashtanga(Eight Limb) yoga of Patanjali. Ashtanga yoga is known as raja yoga as well. Raja yoga is a method by which one can awaken kundalini. Now question arises, why is this meditation technique is best?

There are many techniques for mediation. You can choose any of them. But with my personal experience , this is the best meditation technique to reduce stress and anxiety.Most of the people are not comfortable in doing meditation. The mind distracts every time , every moment. So it is difficult to focus on certain point.

The meditation technique which I am going to discuss is easier to practice. And this is my personal experience. The mind starts getting focused easily by this meditation technique. In the beginning , I did this meditation technique. Then  I suggested this technique to other people. When people practiced this technique , they were quite happy. All of them find this meditation technique easier. Their mind get focused easily. This meditation technique is mentioned in an ancient text known as “Vigyan Bhairava Tantra”

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What is vigyan bhairava tantra?

The Vigyan Bhairava Tantra is one of the most important spiritual texts of the world. It is a text that shows you how to reach God. There are two important ancient texts on yoga that deal with the higher aspects of yoga. There is Pantanjali Yoga Sutras where sage patanjali teaches yoga  and Vigyan Bhairva Tantra where God teach yoga. Vigyan Bhairava Tantra is mainly about enlightenment. But the practices mentioned in this text can make our life peaceful and joyful.

There are 112 meditation techniques in Vigyan Bhairva Tantra. Now you think why there are 112 meditation technique in Vigyan Bhairava Tantra. There are different kinds of people in the world. All have different habits , behavior and attitude towards life. Their psyche is also different with each other. So only one meditation technique does not suit to all. Few people are comfortable in one technique while others mind fluctuates in that technique. That is why there are 112 meditation technique in this text. You will find at least one technique that is ideally suits you.

This text is also known as Vigyana Bhairava as well. Vigyana acutal means science. And science is a knowledge which is based on some facts and findings. Here , Vigyana has been taken as knowledge or understanding. Bhairava means God. So in this context , Vigyana Bhairava means either knowledge of God or God Consciousness. It is the text that teaches us how to know and understand God fully. We can only know God fully when we reach God or become one with God. By these techniques, we can unite with God.

This text is a conversation between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In the text, Lord Shiva tells 112 meditation techniques to Goddess Parvati for enlightenment. Goddess Parvati is not separate from Lord Shiva. She took the form of being separate here to help mankind.

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What is meditation?

Uninterrupted stream of the content of consciousness is dhyana. There is continuous current of the object in the mind. There is continuous flow of object like water.There is only one vritti in the mind i.e. Ekarupa-Vritti. Now you can get confused that what is the difference between dharana(concentration) and dhyana(meditation). Dharana(concentration) is binding the mind to one place. Place means here, any object whether internal or external. So Dharana is fixing of mind on something external or internal.Thus dharana includes concentration of consciousness with breaks.And dhyana is unbroken concentration.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Good health and cheerful mental vision
  • Working efficiency improves
  • Controls high blood pressure
  • Helpful in controlling diabetes
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Good for asthmatics
  • Decreases pain due to any tension such as, tension headaches
  • Improves mood and behavior
  • Streangthen the immune system
  • Helpful in controlling Emotions
  • Creativity increases
  • You start feeling joy and happiness
  • Intuition powere develops
  • Clarity of mind
  • It lowers oxygen consumption.
  • It decreases respiratory rate.
  • Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Harmonizes our endocrine system
  • Meditation sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation
  • Meditation can bring about a true personal transformation. As you learn more about yourself, you’ll naturally start discovering more about yourself and love.
best meditation technique to reduce stress and anxiety
Best meditation technique to reduce stress and anxiety


  • Sit in a comfortable asana like sukhasana(cross-legged sitting pose), padmasana(Lotus Pose), vajrasana(thunderbolt pose).
  • Keep your spine and neck straight
  • Keep your face front and shoulders relaxed
  • Put your hands on knees
  • Make gyan mudra or chin mudra(for these mudras , your thumbs should touch the index fingers. If your palms are facing down , then it is gyana mudra. If your palms are facing upwards then it is chin mudra.
  • Now close your eyes
  • Bring your awareness on your breath.
  • Breathe normally , do not apply any effort for breathing.
  • Now focus your attention on the gap between two breaths(the gap between inhalation and exhalation).

There is gap between inhalation and exhalation, so bring your attention at that gap. Similarly there is a gap between exhalation and inhalation, so bring your attention at that gap. Maintain your attention into these gaps as long as you do meditation.

Note- Your awareness should be on your whole breath. Don’t make a mistake to focus only on the gaps.But you should be more aware about the gaps.

As you do meditation by this technique, you may find the breath becoming more subtle and refined. The gap between two breaths may also increase. The breath may slow down. The entire breathing cycle may lengthen. When this happens, then mind may calm down. As you continue this practice, you will feel a sense of peace and joy.

If you practice meditation by this technique and feel that this is the best meditation technique to reduce stress and anxiety , please comment.

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