Everybody should know something about kundalini as it represents the coming consciousness of mankind. It is a sleeping dormant energy in humans. Now the question arises where it is situated in human organism. It is situated at base of spine. In males body , it is in perineum , between the urinary and excretory organs. It is located at the root of the uterus i.e. cervix in the females.

According to yogic text , this is the location of mooladhara chakra and at that location , there is small gland which we can take out and press. However , kundalini is a dormant life force which will not explode only by pressing it.

What is Kundalini

For kundalini to awaken , one have to prepare onself body by yogic practices. One has to practice asanas, pranayamas, kriya yoga and meditation. Then one can direct prana into the seat  of kundalini , the kundalini(energy) wakes up and goes in a straight way through susumana nadi , in the central canal , to the brain.The upgoing kundalini passes through each chakra(energy centres in human body) located in the spinal column. These chakras are interconnected with different silent areas of the brain. When kundalini awakens , dormant or sleeping areas of the brain blossoms like flowers.


It is believed that kundalini resides at the root chakra i.e. mooladhara chakra. But it does not mean that It is residing at  mooladhara in everybody. It may happen that kundalini have already reached swadhisthana, manipura or anahata chakra because everyone is at different stages of evolution.So whatever spiritual practice we do , awakening may start from manipura, anahata or some other chakra.It depends on our stage of evolution.However , awakening of kundalini in mooladhara chakra is one thing and awakening in sahasrara( the highest chakra located at the top part of brain) is another. When sahasrara chakra awakens , we experience a different state of consciousness. Our mind is completely dependent on senses for information because our sensory organs supply information to mind. So if our sensory organs don’t work , our mind is helpless. For example , if somebody does not have eyes , he/she can not see. However , when super-consciousness emerges , experience becomes completely independent and knowledge also becomes completely independent.So when there is complete awakening , mind also becomes one can see without the eyes , one can hear the voices without ears.

How It was discovered

From the beginning of creation , man witnessed many transcendental happenings. Since the very beginning , there were people with special capabilities. Some people were able to read thoughts of others. There were great people who could  do predictions. Some could compose beautiful music while it in not possible for others.So ancient people started to discover why some people had special capabilities.

When our ancestors started investigations , they came to understand that within every individual there is a special form of energy.They saw that in some people this energy was dormant , in others it was evolving and in a very small minority it was actually awakened.In the beginning , they named this energy after the gods, goddess , angles or divinities.Then they discovered prana and called it prana shakti .In tantra they called it kundalini.

Meaning of various names for kundalini

In Sanskrit , kundal means a coil , and so kundalini has been described as that which is coiled.The meaning of word kunda is deeper place or cavity and so kundalini comes from the word kunda.The word kundalini refers to the shakti or power when it is in its dormant potential state , but when it is manifesting , you can call it Devi , Kali , Durga , Saraswati , Lakshmi or any other name according to the manifestation it is exhibiting.

Kundalini , Kali and Durga

When kundalini awakens , we can not handle it , so it is called Kali.When we are able to awakened kundalini , it is called Durga.

Goddess Kali as Upgoing Kundalini

Kali is goddess in Hindus.Goddess Kali is black in color.She wears a mala(garland) of one hundred and eight human skulls.By this kind of specific gesture , she wants spiritual practitioner to control their rajo guna. Spiritual practitioner worships the cosmic power in its female form , for she represents the kinetic aspect , the masculine being the static aspect which is activated only through her power.

When goddess Kali become angry , all gods and demons are stunned and nobody dares to talk in front of her. Nobody knows what she will do at that moment when she is angry.

Goddess Durga as Peaceful and Calm Energy

Then there is emergence of Durga , the higher more refined and benign symbols of the unconscious. Durga is beautiful goddess.She sits on tiger.She has eight hands.It is believed that Durga removes all evil consequences from our life and she bestow us power and peace that is released from mooladhara.

So when there is beginning of  kudalini awakening , kali is the first manifestation so at that time it is difficult to control that powerful upgoing kundalini.When Kali , the unconscious power of man , is awakened she goes up to meet the furthre manifestation , being Durga , the superconscious , bestowing glory and beauty.

Symbolic representation

Tantric texts consider kudalini as power or energy or vital force exists in human beings.When we try to observe hindu god and goddess , these are just manifestations of energy and consciousness. And so Hindus portray goddess kali with anger.So it makes sense that when awakening begins , it is like goddess kali and it is uncontrolled at that time. In shaivism , kundalini is represented by the shaivlingam , the oval-shaped stone or pillar with snake coiled around it.

However , most commonly , kundalini is represented as sleeping serpent which is coiled three and half times. Definitely , no serpant resides physically at the location of mooladhara chakra.Serpant is just a symbol of efficient consciousness.

In many ancient text or yoga epics , many saints and sages had said that kundalini resides in mooladhara.And they have mentioned that it is coiled like a snake making three and half coils. So in our real life when we put our foot on the tail of snake , it goes straight.Similarly when this coiled snake at mooladhara uncoils , it shoots up through sushumna.sushumna is the psychic passage in the centre of the spinal cord.When this coiled snake goes up , it also opens the chakras(psychic centres) in the spinal column.

Meaning of three and half coils of the serpent

The three coils represent:

  • past , present , future
  • tamas , rajas , sattwa gunas
  • waking , sleeping , dreaming states of our consciousness

Half coil represents the state of transcendence.

Who can awaken kundalini?

Anybody can awaken kundalini like politician , singers , dancers , actors , businessman , warriors , students. Kundalini awakening is not limited to saints and sadhus.When kundalini awakens , one experiences a different state of consciousness.With kundalini awakening , intuition , understanding , knowledge ,intelligence develops and nothing is impossible for us.Kundalini which is one energy but it expresses itself differently through individual chakras(psychic centres)-first in gross instinctive ways and then in progressively more subtle ways.

Kundalini is self exprssive energy.Everyone uses smae energy differently.For example few people write great poems.And there are people who have presented great theories in different areas.These are all expressions of the same creative energy.

Why we should awaken kundalini?

When people hear or listen about kundalini awakening , they wants to awaken.But awakening is not a cake walk.If one’s purpose of kundalini awakening is psychic powers , then definitely , one is in wrong path.One should leave this spiritual path.But if your primary aim to experience the samadhi(the highest state of yoga) or want to enjoy communion between Shiva and Shakti , the actual communion between the two great forces within you then there is nothing that can come to you as obstacle.

With awakening , there are changes in our mind or in our consciousness.Everybody has his own attachments and priorities but it changes when kundalini awakens.For example , we had attachments to toys when we were child but this time we don’t have any love for the toys. Similarly with kundalini awakening our mind changes.

When kudalini awakens , man is no longer a gross physical body operating with a lower mind and low voltage prana.Instead every cell of the body is charged with the high voltage prana of kundalini.And when total awakening occurs , man becomes a junior god ,an embodiment of divinity.

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