According to the scientists or experts , the brain has ten sections.But only one section of brain is functioning or active.The other nine parts are inactive.Whatever we know , whatever we think or whatever actions we can do is coming from the only one active part of the brain.The remaining nine brain portions are in frontal section of the brain and these are dormant.In this blog , i have tried to explain the Effect of Kundalini on brain.

Effect of Kundalini on Brain
Effect of Kundalini on Brain

Since the ancient time , saints and sages are talking about kundalini awakening.They relate awakening to ‘ union with Shiva’.Shiva is Hindus God but here Shiva is a symbol of conciousness. The sages also say whenever there is awakening , there is change is our conciousness. And knowledge , intuition power develops in us.The ancient people were using these kind philosophical terminolgy. But kundalini awakening is associated with activation of these dormant sections or portions of the brain.

Effect of Ida and Pingla Nadi in Brain

Now the question is rolling on in your mind why these nine portions of brain are dormant or inactive? Because there is no energy in these dormant or sleeping portions. The active portion of the brain functions on the energies of Ida and Pingla nadis(energy channels).So blockages in Ida and Pingla nadis would affect the functioning of brain.That is why Nadi Sodhan Pranayama(Alternate nostril breathing) is a pranayama which removes blockages from these nadis. And brain functions well.But the other nine portions have only pingla. In Yoga , Pigla is for physical work and Ida is for mental work. That means the dormant nine parts have physical (pingla) energy but not mental(Ida) energy. That’s why those sleeping parts has life(physical energy) but no consciousness(mental energy).

nadis and brain
Nadis and Brain

How to awaken dormant or silent portions

So if we want that our whole brain should function , we will have to awaken the sleeping portions.But how? In order to awaken the silents portions , we must charge the frontal brain with sufficient prana(vital force or energy) and we must awaken sushumana nadi. Here comes the importance of pranayama. Regular practice of pranayama improves the quantum of prana in our body and brain.

Chakras and brain

According to kundalini yoga philosophy , different portions of brain are associated with chakras. Some parts are connected with mooladhara chakra , some are with swadhisthana , manipura and so on.Chakras(energy centres in subtle body)are like switches in our subtle body.In our daily life, we turn on the fan by pressing the switch on the wall.We don’t touch the fan.So switch is just a medium.Likewise chakras are switches for turning on(awakening) the dormant parts of the brain.

Total and partial awakening

When one or more dormant parts awaken , the person becomes genius. But It is not full awakening.Now who is genius?People who are great musicians , writers , singers are examples of genius. When total awakening happens, the person becomes junior god or incarnation.

What is the seat of kundalini?

Many people think that kundalini must be awakened at mooladhara chakra. After that it is made to travel through and awaken all the chakras.But the actual seat of kundalini is sahasra(crown chakra).Mooladhara is like a switch.And people are comfortable to operate this switch.

No chakra has any connection with other chakra. All are independent.So kundalini awakening at mooladhara means , the energy goes directly to sahasrara and activate a particular centre in brain.Similarly , from swadhisthana the kundalini energy passes to sahasrara and so on. Kundalini can be awakened in an individual chakra.It can also awaken throughout the whole network of chakras collectively.From each chakra, the electric shock goes up to the top chakra sahasrara.

Every chakra has different characteristics

There are different characteristics associated with each individual chakra. So if there is awakening of a chakra , associated characteristics brought into consciousness of an individual.This may happen when a person does yogic practices for an individual chakra. For example , swadhisthana practices will raise joy; manipura practices will increase self-assertion;anahata practices will increase the love and so on.

Kundalini-energy or nerve messages?

Many yogis believe that kundalini is flow of prana(vital force or energy).And it travels along the spinal column.It travels within the sushumana nadi in spinal column.They think that the kundalini energy or prana flow within the networks of nadis in the subtle body(pranic body).And there is no anatomical counterpart.Other yogis relate kundalini to flow of messages along the nerve fibres. These arise in the networks of the autonomic plexuses and ascend along tracts in the spinal cord to definite anatomical centres in the brain.

The experience of awakening is psychophysiological event which centres around the spinal cord.There is a fluid in the spinal cord.This is cerebrospinal fluid.When somebody do yogic practices and if awakening occurs, this fluid get stimulated.What is the reason behind this stimulation , scientists also don’t know.When cerbrospinal fluid get exited , it changes the states of our consciousness.And this is a very important process as far as evolution is concerned.

Evolution of chitta

It is the chitta or consciousness which undergoes evolution in man.In the human body , chitta does not have any particular location.But chitta is influenced by information.Our senses(indriyas) supply information to chitta.The ears, nose, eyes, skin and tongue are our senses for information. Chitta is receiving information continuously and so its evolution is blocked.If we prevent information being supplied to chitta , it will evolve quickly.When a person do yogic practices specially pranayama , cerebrospinal fluid is affected.At this time , there is partial isolation of chitta from information.When the cerebrospinal fluid is highly stimulated , all sensory impulses are suspended and experiences take place within the chitta. Sometimes these experiences are fantastic , sometimes these are bad.

Kundalini and cosmic consciousness.

There are different opinions about kundalini awakening.But our yogis are very clear that with awakening of kundalini , a person can develop his or her most beneficial qualities.And a person can become aware of oneness with the whole cosmos.

By means of kundalini yoga, we just try to bring the centres from mooladhara to ajna into operation so that the higher knowledge will be gradually revealed to us.

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