There are various methods for kundalini awakening mentioned in ancient texts.These methods can be practiced individually or in combination.

1) Awakening by birth

There are chances that a child can have awakened kundalini by birth.But this is not a cake walk.If the parents are highly evolved , they have potential to give birth a evolved child. Ida , Pingla and sushumana nadis may also be in awakened state.We can identify whether there is partial or full awakening in child. If there is partial awakening , the child shows behavior like saint.And with full awakening , he becomes incarnation or son of God.Because in full awakening , he has consciousness like God or incarnation.

Behaviour of child with awakened kundalini

When there is awakening, a person can become mad. But this statement is false in case of by birth awakening. If one is born with an awakened kundalini, he has the ability control it.And there are no bad effects of kundalini awakening.The experiences are under control.The experiences take place in natural way.A child with awakened kundalini has clarity of vision, a high quality of thinking. The child has complete non-attachment for life.A child with awakening does not have any attachment for his parents as well.And he lives with them like a guest.From the early age , the child exhibits mature behavior to the society.That kind of child knows his purpose in this life.

Requisites for enlightened child

Now many of you may think that how to give birth an enlightened child.But this is not a simple matter.It is not possible for every parents to give birth a yogi.Even if parents are highly evolved , it is difficult to produce enlightened child.For this , parents has to transform their gross desires into spiritual aspirations.

The philosophy behind by birth method

It would be difficult to believe for many of you in this by birth awakening method.You may think how can a yogi be born out of sin.Because sexual intercourse is sin for many of you.But i can explain this concept by example. There are many great scientists, geniuses, artists all around the world.All these kinds of people are production of their parents.And we all know that children inherit the qualities, behaviors and intelligence of their parents.And this is because of their parents genes.So through the practices of yoga, you can change your consciousness.Once you have thoughts  or consciousness of awakened child, your every body cell memorize this.Then the qualities of your genes or sperm or ova changes.And so ,you and your partner can give birth a child with awakened kundalini.

2) Mantra

One can awaken kundalini by repeating mantra.Mantras are very powerful and they have great effect on us.This is a risk free method.But this method requires time and practice.If somebody has immense curiosity , then he can obtain a mantra from his guru.Because guru knows which mantra is suitable for his disciple.

Kundalini Awakening by Mantra(AUM)
Kundalini Awakening by Mantra(AUM)

When we throw a stone into a still lake, it produces circular ripples. Similarly when we chant a mantra, it creates ripples in our mind. Mantra chanting creates vibrations. These vibrations travels in body and brain. And in turn mind get affected. When mantra is repeated millions of times, it enters into every cells of  our brain and purifies our physical, mental and emotional body.

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We can use different techniques to practice mantra.

First Technique: Chant loudly, softly, mentally and on the psychic plane.

Second Technique: Chanting mantra mentally in coordination of breath.

3) Tapasya

The third method is of awakening is tapasya , which means the performance of austerities. Sometimes people do unusual things and they call it tapasya. For example people stand in one leg.But this kind of behavior is not tapasya. Tapasya means purification.But tapasya is not associated with physical body purification. Tapasya is a process of elimination of impurities from mental and emotional bodies.When elimination takes place from mental and emotional bodies , one experiences relaxation from pain and sufferings. And the person enjoys joy and happiness.

When you want to eliminate a bad habit, the more you try, the more powerful it becomes.There are different thoughts going on every moment of our life.And the thoughts or bad habits distracts us from our goal. Most of the thoughts are unnecessary. Tapasya is psychological or psycho-emotional process. By these processes , an aspirant can remove negative or disturbing thoughts or bad habits. Bad thoughts or habits create weakness. So it is difficult for an aspirant to achieve his/her goal. Many times aspirant think “I must do but I can’t do”. This is because weak willpower. By practicing tapasya regularly , willpower gets strength.

When the senses are satisfied by the objective pleasures , by the comforts and luxuries , the brain and nervous system become weak and the consciousness and energy undergo a process of regression. It is in this situation that the method of austerity is one of the most powerful and sometimes explosive method of awakening. Tapasya is a very , very powerful method of awakening which everybody can not handle.

4) Awakening through herbs

The fourth method of kundalini awakening is through the use of herbs.Now many can think that it is very easier method.They can assume that nothing has to be done in this method.Only having herbs , what a easier thing and then kundlini awakening is the result.In sanskrit, herb is known as ‘aushadhi’.There are some special herbs which are used for awakening.These herbs can transform the nature of the body and its elements and bring about either partial or full awakening.Only few people know about these special herbs.But don’t take risks to have herbs with your own.You should learn this method from qualified guru.Because different herbs affect differently.Few herbs awaken Ida and pingla nadis while others suppress these nadis. And so you can become mad.That is why , aushadhi is very risky and unreliable method for awakening.

Awakening by herbs
Awakening by herbs

When you read ancient texts of india , you find a substance called soma. Soma is juice.People who had have this juice , they experienced , induced visions and an awakening of higher consciousness. But this juice used to prepared by a special technique. The Persians knew of another drink. In different parts of the world, people discovered different herbs or substances which could affect consciousness.Many of them had mild effect and few had great.

When purified aspirants used to use correct herbs , they were able to visualize divine beings , holy rivers and so on.They were able to separate subtle body from physical body.And they could enter in the state of samadhi which is highest state of yoga.

Since the ancient time, there was guru to disciple tradition in India. Gurus used to share their knowledge to eligible disciples only.Because this method was risky.The aushadhi method is no longer used today.It is closely guarded secret today.

5) Raja Yoga

The fifth method of awakening is raja yoga. Raja Yoga is king of all yogas. It concerns directly with mind.The hatha yoga kriyas or practices are not part of raja yoga. In this method , the goal is union between individual consciousness with super-consciousness. The yogi sits at ease , watches his mind and try to maintain silence in his mind. The yogi tries to restrict the thoughts so that he can enter into the state of samadhi.

There are eight steps of raja yoga.These are

  1. Yama(abstinences)
  2. Niayama(observances)
  3. Asana(posture)
  4. Pranayama(breathing techniques)
  5. Pratyahara(withdrawal of senses)
  6. Dharana(concentration)
  7. Dhyan(meditation)
  8. Samadhi(absorption)

But in the present time , this method is difficult for modern people. It is difficult to do concentration for modern people. If the mind is not silent, how can a person practice this method. So the practitioner can purify emotions by hatha yoga and bhakti yoga. Following awakening through raja yoga , changes take place in the aspirant. The sensualities of life are no longer appealing and detachment develops spontaneously. Raja yoga brings about a slow transformation of consciousness.

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6) Pranayama

The sixth method of awakening is pranayama. Pranayama is powerful method of creating yogic fire so that it can stimulate the kundalini.And kundalini awakening takes place. There are certain breathing techniques which are known as pranayama. But only regulating breath in controlled manner is not pranayama. The techniques mentioned in ancient text affect the pranas exist in human body.And then practitioner can direct the prana for awakening purposes.That is why bandhas(locks) are part of pranayama. The jalandhara bandha, uddiyana bandha and moola bandha lock the prana in and force it up to the frontal brain. Pranayama is practiced in a calm, cool and quiet environment, preferably at high altitude.Because at these places prana is higher and is of good quality. This is reason , ancient yogis chose the peaceful and natural places for their sadhana(spiritual practice). Whenever you go these kind of natural places , you also experience freshness there.And your mind becomes still.

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7) Kriya Yoga

The seventh method of awakening is kriya yoga. It is most simple and practical way for the modern people. Modern lifestyle, social, economical situations and working environment has created fluctuations in modern people mind.The raja yoga method is suitable for satwic people whose mind remains calm. With peaceful mind, they can do concentration.But modern people mind is rajsic because of present situations. When you practice kriya yoga , there is no explosion of kundalini. In kriya yoga , kudalini wakes up like a noble queen.

Sometimes you feel too much sleepy. You sleep all day and night.Sometimes you pay too much attention to the things and sometimes you think everything is useless. Kriya yoga does not create any explosive awakening. However, it can bring vision and other very mild and controllable experiences.

So you can now think that why there are different methods of kundalini awakening. Everybody has different physical and mental conditions. That is why , there are different methods of kundalini awakening. But any of these kundalini awakening methods should be practiced under the guidance of a qualified guru. Otherwise you can fall into danger.

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