Asana Course for beginners and advanced practitioners

What is Asana?

According to Maharshi Patanjali, asana is a sitting posture that should be steady and comfortable.
It can be defined as a yoga posture which improves the body's functions. Asanas increase power and endurance, improve blood circulation, purify body and release toxins.
"When body and mind work in union, it is called Yoga."
In the present time, everybody is stressed and immune to various kind of diseases .The physical strength attained from the asanas increases one's ability to sit with silence and joyful observation.

Why this course?

There are people all around the world who want a finishing touch in asana. So we have designed the asana course in a way that the people will get to know the right techniques for specific postures in which they face difficulty.

Our experienced teachers will also teach the alignment of yoga postures.
Students will learn two yoga styles hatha yoga and asthanga yoga primary series.

The Yoga studios look for Instructors who have good yoga postures and alignment knowledge of the poses. So after this course, student will be more confident and their presentation skill will increase.
This course is designed for those who want perfection in yoga poses and wants to learn about yoga poses in depth. This course is for those who believe in practice and practical life only.

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There are two sessions of asana class.

  1. Morning Session :Hatha Yoga
  2. Evening Session :Asthanga Yoga primary series

We have divided the Hatha yoga postures into four categories:

  • Forward bending postures
  • Backward bending postures
    Ex: Cobra Pose, Bow pose
  • Balancing postures
    Ex: Head Stand, Hand stand
  • Leg stretching postures
    Ex: Monkey Pose

Asana Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh – 2018 Schedule

Date Course Fee
1st of Jan 2018 to 28th of Jan 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Closed
1st of Feb 2018 to 28th of Feb 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Mar 2018 to 28th of Mar 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of April 2018 to 28th of April 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of May 2018 to 28th of May 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Jun 2018 to 28th of Jun 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Jul 2018 to 28th of Jul 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Aug 2018 to 28th of Aug 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Sep 2018 to 28th of Sep 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Oct 2018 to 28th of Oct 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Nov 2018 to 28th of Nov 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open
1st of Dec 2018 to 28th of Dec 2018 $350 (USD) Booking Open

Note :

  • We don't provide food and accommodation for this course.
  • If somebody wants food and accommodation , they will have to pay extra accordingly.
  • If you want to manage yourself , We can also give suggestions for food and accommodation as well.
  • Pick and drop facility also available , but you will have to pay accordingly


  • Breaking the rules and regulations.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted.
  • The activity which disturbs the other mates.

Refund Policy

For securing their seat, applicants are required to deposit an amount of $150(USD).The Fee deposited once is non refundable. So we recommend, complete your obligations if any before joining this course.