Rishikesh Yog Van is a registered Yoga School which offers residential teacher training courses (200hrs TTC registered with Yoga Alliance,USA, Beginner's Course , Iyengar Yoga course). The objective of the school is to give the quality knowledge whether it is yoga asanas(poses) , pranayamas (breathing techniques), philosophy , human anatomy and physiology etc. Rishikesh Yogvan is founded by a group of well experienced and dedicated yoga teachers from Rishikesh. The Sanskrit word van means forest in English. Rishikesh Yogvan situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga and surrounded by the Himalayan mountains makes this place suitable for yoga practice. It is located in the village of Tapovan, 4km from the yoga city Rishikesh in north direction.
Rishikesh Yogvan is an integral & authentic yoga school for beginners and advanced practitioners. It is a school that is grounded in tradition, yet adaptable to the needs of everyone. Our aim is to spread the yoga education to all corners of the world. Rishikesh yogvan provides training for serious students of any nationality.
The mission is to spread peace, health and joy through yoga. All are welcome to come at our school to learn not only how yoga can help maintain a healthy body but also how yogic philosophy can be applied in daily life and maintain a peaceful mind and spirit.

Why Rishikesh Yog Van

Our experienced teachers have Master degree in Yogic Science. We primarily focus on quality knowledge which is the demand of modern time.
Asana teacher focus on flexibility; finishing and alignment of the poses as well as science behind the Yoga poses.
We teach yoga anatomy not human anatomy & physiology. And explain, how do yogic practices affect body and mind.
We teach yoga philosophy and how does it affect person’s psychology, how can it be helpful for human growth, how can you achieve your goal of life.
Students are interested to learn the scientific aspect as well as spiritual aspect of the yogic practices, we explain both.
We explain the yogic practices in modern, traditional way and the real aim of Yoga.
We believe in relevant knowledge, so we regularly update our teaching content.
Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action) has been included as a part of training to make you experience an aspect of Yoga.
The teachers are very humble; they try to solve the queries and curiosity of the students. Because of hilly mountains, the climate is very pleasant of this area, so it is a suitable place to practice and learn yoga.
Every Sunday, we arrange a trip for students so that they can experience natural beauty of Rishikesh and other nearby places and in this way, the students has a chance to understand the Indian culture and religion well.
The neat and clean rooms provided have attached bathroom and washroom.
We provide three times yogic food daily and 24 hour wifi facility.